The main method of preventing obstetric paralysis is to contact only proven highly qualified specialists who can ensure the correct management of childbirth.

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Another way to prevent pathology is to remove the baby from the womb through a caesarean section.

Obstetric paralysis is a very serious pathology that should never be ignored.

Only a quick response to the problem and timely therapy will help the child to live a full life in the future, in most cases the child has to limit himself in some actions all the time.
As a result of a violation of the process of taking delivery by medical personnel, obstetric paralysis occurs. For the first time, this diagnosis began to be talked about in the 19th century in the person of the neurologist Duchenne.


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Today, obstetrician-gynecologists say: obstetric paralysis is also possible during normal healthy childbirth. And this, despite the development of medicine in general. According to statistics, damage to the upper limbs in babies during childbirth occurs in 0.4% of clinical cases.

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Of course, it is impossible to insure yourself, as a woman in labor and your child, from obstetric paralysis. But buy Viagra at the stage of pregnancy and childbirth, you can choose that obstetrician-gynecologist who does not have such cases in practice. The second option is to resort to obstetric care by caesarean section.

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Obstetrical paralysis occurs during natural childbirth - when the child moves through the birth canal. At this moment, the woman's pelvic bones can exert mechanical pressure on the baby's head, shoulders and arms, which leads to their damage. Another cause of paralysis is the use of special forceps by the obstetrician, which facilitates the removal of the fetus from the birth canal.

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Gynecologists say: today, a common cause of birth trauma in children is the physiological discrepancy between the size and weight of the fetus and the birth canal of Sildenafil. Clinical example: if a woman in labor has narrow hips and a small pelvis, and the child weighs 4 kg or more, and at the same time his height exceeds 50 cm, then this increases the risk of birth injury by 80%. In this case, the obstetrician-gynecologist must:

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Squeeze out the fetus (press on the upper abdomen, moving the fetus mechanically (with hands) through the birth canal); Use obstetric syringes; Resort to vacuum extraction (not used for several years, prohibited in obstetrics and gynecology).

If the duration of the fetus in the birth canal increases, then this can provoke hypoxia. What is hypoxia? This is oxygen deficiency, as a result of which the neurons of the brain die. There is an increased risk of obstetric paralysis with breech presentation of the fetus. In this case, during childbirth, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe collarbone and chest is damaged. Obstetric paralysis is classified depending on the location of damage to the nerve endings. Based on this, there are 3 types of birth injuries: Upper; Lower; Total.

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Upper obstetric Duchenne-Erb palsy is diagnosed as a result of damage to the nerve endings in the spinal cord and cervical vertebrae.

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